20180623 Belgium v Tunisia

My colleague Keiran summed up life in an utterly brilliant instagram post.

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-22 at 22.46.56

The worst thing happened yesterday, I had a free day. I have now lost my rhythm. Too much sleep has resulted in me walking around in a daze!

This World Cup is most certainly challenging, but equally very enjoyable. Preparation is key. Planning your day and the next day ahead – have I checked in for those flights? Have I charged my batteries? What time do I have to leave today? When can I sleep next!

What day is it!?


Today was Belgium v Tunisia.

First rant of the day, Why are Belgium not in red and why are Tunisia instead in red and not in white!?


I wanted to go leftfield today. Be different. Churning out stock pictures of Belgium in yellow seemed pointless. In the cold light of day, any picture researcher wanting an image of a Belgian player would want him in the red kit.

nvNacer Chadli of WBA provided the ideal start – putting on his socks, this is already one of my favourite pictures of the tournament.


Action is like waiting for a bus. You wait for ages then two or three come along after each other. Today’s match was rather like this.

Belgium did a professional job over Tunisia. They are a strong team and have the potential to go far. I used to think being in your own bubble was the way – driving around in my car at France 98 or Germany 06 was fun, but like today, chatting to Belgium fans in my hotel is a total pleasure. They don’t actually like their manager, Roberto Martinez, but say he will be a God if they do well in the tournament. They told me some interesting things about Belgium not having much space and the government and local politicians not really helping Belgian football in creating space for new stadia.

Today was just being professional like the Belgians. Doing a good job and for me trying to rest and eat healthily.

It was nice being back in Moscow but to be honest I do miss the travel and the sunny south.


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