2014 07 07 Fußballnationalmannschaft v Scotland


Continuing to document the English Football League, this time at Victoria Park in Hartlepool, covering the SkyBet Football League Two fixture between Hartlepool United v Shrewsbury Town saw Shrewsbury Town wearing their away kit which resembles Borussia Dortmund.

A tedious link, it may well be, but 1000km and 28 hours I was sitting in front of the SudTribune in the Westfalenstadion home of Borussia Dortmund.

With The Horrors lasting well over 5 hours on repeat in the car, the British Forces Radio Station, BFBS provided interesting listening when a chap from RAF Shawbury discussed taking old Shrewsbury Town shirts to Africa for them to be used by under privileged children.

After what is normally a gentle four hour trip from Calais to Dortmund, The E40 highway was shut for resurfacing, which resulted in a nice scenic Sunday afternoon drive around Kempen.

Fascinated by the amount of solar panelled roofs the locals had, it was a good hour before the Mercedes was back amongst its cousins on the Autobahn.


Celebrating their 4th FIFA World Cup victory, more than 80,000 Germans cheered their team on against a plucky Scotland as LED advertisement boards emitted new heroic propaganda.


When Scotland are in town, people party. There are no water cannon Police Riot vehicles, no police dogs, just lots of beer and renditions of songs by The Proclaimers.


With Scotland citizens thinking about the impending vote in the country on if they should be an independent nation, thousands of the Tartan Army invaded into Dortmund, with what seemed like an impromptu carnival.


The bars were full. Leather trousers and jeans being work by the Germans, the Scots in nothing but kilts.

Black, Red and Yellow hats contrasting feathered caps and pin badge collections documenting each fans voyage supporting their nation.


The Tartan Army changed their tune singing ‘Do-Re-Mi’ from by The Sound Of Music, “Doe, a deer, a female deer. Ray, a drop of golden sun” the atmosphere escalated as it grew dark and kick off approached.


The SudTribune making a mosaic of their new fourth star after their triumph in the Maracana Stadium – 57 days on from their FIFA World Cup victory in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.


As a collector of the Coca Cola cups depicting each match, the Germans produced their own World Champion Cups, a steal at 3 euro.

As Scotland made it 1-1, the was the match officials one, me nill.


The 5th official spectacularly blocking what would have been a nice image of Scotland’s opener in the Euro 2016 Qualification against the World Champions.


However it was soon 2-1. Muller scoring AGAIN!

As the Scotland fans continued to sing, I do not think I have heard a home crowd so quiet in the Westfalenstadion – even though they were winning.

The last few moments of the game caused some controversy.

Firstly a player was sent off for Scotland, and then just as the away side were pressing for an equaliser with it looking likely they would get one, the referee ended the contest at 2-1.

The Scottish players were no happy.


The referee from Norway  showing quite clearly how many minutes he added to the moaning Scots.

Another hours drive followed- then bed. Only a 20 hour day this one!

Trying to sleep in the rock and roll town of Siegen long drive syndrome kicked in.. it was impossible to nod off due to being awake concentrating whilst driving on the Autobahn.

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