2014 06 24 Costa Rica x Inglaterra

DSC00849Tiredness, colds and coughing are finally beginning to creep into this FIFA World Cup.

Costa Rica fans asking for tickets were so so so polite, kind and wished us well when we crushed their dreams of being able to sell them a match ticket… unlike the coke wired England fans, swearing, pushing and quite frankly making me cringe.


DSC00834Being in very cold media centres with ferocious air conditioning is probably the magic ingredient – plus being forced to eat media centre food and not being able to take in your own.

Fear not, the glass is very much half full still!

DSC00806Yet another midnight departure from Sao Paulo bus terminal took us to the every lovely Belo Horizonte.

DSC00858Even at 0830 it was looking to be a lovely day in the capital of Minas Gerais.

AMA265230A couple of so fan pics went down the wire back to the UK, very very sunny indeed but again the sun had no strength.

AMA56603For the first time I spotted a Shrewsbury flag! I made sure that the picture went onto the Shrewsbury Town facebook page as soon as I had taken it!

AMA265385England fans were in good voice, but not even registering on the scale that the Argentina fans got to in the Maracana.

AMA265239Today we were in the presence of Royalty as Prince Harry watched from the VIP seats.

AMA40285With England already out and playing their 2nd string team, my time was busy documenting these players quite possibly making their only FIFA World Cup appearance.

The game itself was dour!

AMA265308There were a few penalty shouts but nothing to write home about. England could not and didn’t score.

signAs we know it was 0-0 game. As idiots went crazy on Facebook claiming that England were a shambles, the intelligent, more aware football followers hit back stating that Costa Rica had actually won the group and were indeed a force to be reckoned with.

The England fans reacted to Brazil fans singing their songs and it kind of kicked off for about 20 seconds with drinks being thrown at each other.

There was no messing though and even the most ardent hooligan soon behaved as the Military came in with their tear gas guns.

AMA265332All the pictures were at the end of the game as England said goodbye to this FIFA World Cup.

AMA265346There were lots of OK pictures, I don’t know what else everyone took but there seemed to be lacking a killer picture to symbolise England going out.

AMA265369The FIFA World Cup being in Brazil bit us on the back side again.

The chances of going up north for the next round of game was simply impossible. Not because of the fact we don’t have the money, but the simple fact that we don’t have a private helicopter for us to travel on in this huge country.

We had until midnight to start choosing and applying what games we want to do for the next round. We opted to come back to Belo Horizonte for the Brazil v Chile match.

Unlike other FIFA World Cups, there is not the transport facility to enable us to travel from Fortaleza to Brasilia. The Japanese shake their heads knowing that they provided superb Shinkansen trains from every possible destination. In South Africa, France, Germany – we could drive. Here we only have one option. Do a game in Rio and then onto the capital of Brasilia.

Perhaps there will be a mini tournament between Spain, Italy, England and a few of the other ‘big’ nations who are going home early.

Including the 2 remaining group games – we only have eight games to go!

England fans were singing, “on the pitch, on the pitch, on the pitch….”

SOCCER : FIFA World Cup 2014 - Group D - Costa Rica v EnglandOnly one lucky person got to grace the Estadio Mineirao.

No meeting up with friends in BH tonight 😦

The bus back to Rio was calling… and the French taking on Ecuador




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