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2014 06 22 Bélgica x Rússia

After a journey from Belo Horizonte on not the best Brazilian road I have ever been on, we got back to Rio in the early hours of the morning. On the meter we paid R$60 – about £15 to get back to our abode – more proof that we were getting stung by some over enthusiastic pricing by some take drivers, insisting on double that price.

Back at the ranch, more frustration – no cleaner, no washing had been done, there were no clean plates to eat off and still no wifi.

The worst thing I did was going to sleep I think! I should have stayed up and watched Brazilian TV for at 0730 when the alarm went off I felt like death warmed up. If there was ever a case of “sod this for a game of soldiers” it was today. I was unenthused, had no motivation and was very tired and grumpy.

After spending 20 minutes trying to find a taxi, we got through the FIFA no go cordon as the taxi driver knew a Policeman. Cue the mass bullying for my Metro travel suggestion!

This was the first game at the Maracana Stadium since the Chile fans stormed the stadium and ran through the media centre. The surrounding area had to be seen to be believed. No less than FIVE lines of Robo-Cop type Policeman intent on stopping anyone who did not have accreditation or a match ticket.

AMA82_BELGIUM_RUSSIAThe crowd was very mixed. Not just Belgian and Russian fans inside the stadium but Scottish, Colombian, Mexican – just about anyone it seemed!

AMA77_BELGIUM_RUSSIAAs always in these situations, photographers lenses from the major wire agencies focussing their attention on the beautiful or eye-catching…

AMA13_BELGIUM_RUSSIAWhere as I went walk about in the Rio sunshine and found some left-field sights

AMA14_BELGIUM_RUSSIAFrom the off, today seemed like a crazy day – one fan of Russia with an animals head on standing next to a Red Devil fan of Belgium.

AMA12_BELGIUM_RUSSIAThankfully today was an early kick off – 1PM

Therefore not much time to hang around. We could get on with things!

Fabio Capello is the manager of Russia, his time at England seems light years ago!AMA07_BELGIUM_RUSSIAAgain, I opted for ‘something different’

AMA06_BELGIUM_RUSSIAAnd when the teams came out, there was only one shot I was looking for, my customary pennant shot.

AMA84_BELGIUM_RUSSIAThe game itself was dull to say the least. A bit more action than in previous games, but it was plain to see that both sides did not want to lose.

AMA08_BELGIUM_RUSSIASepp Blatter and the Belgian Royal Family must have been nodding off as I was!

AMA56_BELGIUM_RUSSIASome OK action came my way but I wanted to capture something to record the game a bit better so I ‘went wide’ and concentrated on Post Card pictures for about five minutes.

AMA63_BELGIUM_RUSSIAI got a nice picture of a Russian player spitting up into the sky when challenging the awful Fellaini – but alas no ball!

AMA61_BELGIUM_RUSSIAThat was about the highlight of my day as I missed the goal (blocked) and the celebration ran the other side of where I was sitting.

Off to the beach for a Sunday Afternoon sunbathe? Perhaps watch and take pictures of the Sunday League football matches on the famous Copacabana and Ipanema beaches? …sadly not!

Three hours of editing what seemed like endless, mindless, but important stock photography..

AMA31_BELGIUM_RUSSIA…followed by more logistical travel research and then some time testing a new server we have at AMA to ensure clients get their pictures even faster ate up the day – however we did have Algeria v South Korea to watch on the Media Room TV’s.

Another night on the road was ahead of us. I hope I get some more sleep and be a bit more lively than today!