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23 06 2012 Euro 2012 Spain v France

0330 – Although the view from my hotel is amazing, I wake up again at the early dawn sunshines through the wafer thin windows


1300 – After checking out of my hotel and evading an extra nights stay for the cheap price of £6,900, I meet up with my colleagues and we go for a walk around the Donetsk market. I buy a new electric lead to power my computer for 90p!

1645 – After a spot of light lunch we make our way back to the stadium on foot, encountering a C3P0 type statue. There is no time for sight-seeing.

1650 – Although it is quarter-final day, the atmosphere in town is not what you would expect. It is still quiet.

1709 –  We walk back it the white tented media centre.

1810 – Photographers start to mingle in readiness to collect their passes for the game.

Photographers choose where they will sit. Lots of banter about being blocked by TV cameras – putting the fear of doubt into each others heads.

1845 – Ticketing starts. Some photographers have not turned up. There is plenty of space around the field. No one is stressed.

I go for seat 134.

1920 ..going on pitch. First pass the nice security man.

Down some steps…

Through a door

Then after lots and lots of stairs, we get to the pitch

1922 I’m greeted by the Euro 2012 mascots

Then I find my space, number 134

1958 The stadium starts to fill up. By the start of the game, there are literally 40 French fans.

2102 The teams and referees come out to train

2220 Franck Ribery wrips his shirt

2322 Alonso celebrates after scoring his second goal

A quick end of game edit then I get all my belongings

0020 Myself and a journalist get a taxi after running like mad to the UEFA hotel across the road. At 150kmh we get to the airport very quickly.

Before I know it I am in a queue to check in for a flight to Kiev

0049 Though a special Euro 2012 channel, though airport security, this seems all too easy!

0149 We get on a bus and then board the plane

0215 Flight takes off. I sit next to a Wolves fan living in Western-Super-Mare. He has been to Gay Meadow. Soon we land in Kiev.

0358 The plane stops on the runway next to other planes.

The sun begins to rise.

0400 Bag collection is easy. Most of the flight seems to be people on a day trip to see the football. They don’t have any bags.

0410 Using the free airport wifi, I check a few messages and send a few then head off

0415 I find a nice taxi man. He supports Dynamo Kiev.

0449 30 Euro later, I am at my new hotel. I go to floor 23.

0451 I have a problem.. its bright and sunny and I’m not tired. I try to get some sleep. I have arrived in Kiev anyway for England v Italy later this evening.