5 Days to Go : Last match before departure

© Matthew Ashton / AMA Sports Photo Agency

Today is Saturday!

Saturday is not for shopping or watching TV, it is for shooting football!

With many of the teams already in South Africa, Ghana – The Black Stars – make one final appearance before they head South taking on Latvia at the MK Stadium.

It’s a humid day and certainly a challenge with Ghana wearing an all white kit. My metering has to be spot on.

International football is more challenging but more fun to me to cover than regular season soccer.

The players are more technically gifted and they normally pass the ball around better. Its easier to predict where the ball is going next. No kick and rush in this game.

Although I am shooting stock pictures of players from both sides there is another huge important element to days mission.

The story of today is surrounds a certain Kevin Prince Boateng who plays for Portsmouth.

In Germany this is a huge story.

Kevin Prince Boateng is HOT news!

Not only did Kevin play for the Germany national team at U15 level to U21, his brother also plays for Germany and it was a tackle by Boateng that injured Germany supremo Michael Ballack in the FA Cup Final resulting him not appearing in this years tournament.

But the story does not end there!

© Matthew Ashton / AMA Sports Photo Agency

Boateng has ‘changed’ nationalities and has opted to play for the Ghana national team at senior level.

The picture I feel is him during the National Anthems. This represents him playing for his new country.

His debut was impressive. I wonder what Ballack made of it all.

Following one player around the park makes you realise how much running a modern day football does during the game. I capture his many stances of gesturing to his new team mates, his runs through the middle which result in none of his colleagues passing to him as well as the many pin point passes this new international makes.

A normal paying fan probably watches the game. Sitting pitchside I have no idea how the game is planning out. I have no clue as to what formation is being played. The game I see is totally different to that of a fan.

The Black Stars scored a last minute winner but it was a good warm up for them and I expect them to reach the Quarter Finals at least.

© Matthew Ashton / AMA Sports Photo Agency

I finish sending pictures to the national press and other clients worldwide including many in Germany. I get home at 8.

After more editing its time to pack!

If I have not got everything then tough.

The day draws to a close and I’m tired after waking up at 7am awake as anything and ready to take on the world, but when I normally would have to go to sleep, I start driving to Heathrow Airport for my flight to Johannesburg.

The story starts here.

It does not seem 5 minutes since we covered the FIFA Confederations Cup in South Africa – I can not believe that it is just over a year. A year today Shrewsbury Town lost in the last minute to Gillingham in the League Two Play Off Final at Wembley. When I was 7, an hour seemed like a week. Now I am older a week seems like 7 minutes. Time will fly I am sure and along the trip I will have to start planning pre-season friendlies. Wolves have already announced games in Belgium and Scotland. It is non stop but it is what I do!

I hope you all enjoy my trip – I will try and keep this updated as much as possible.

So here we go!

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