75 Days to go : Hello World!

This is it then. The start of the blog.

I’m a photographer covering my 4th FIFA World Cup tournament.

I’m doing this to show everybody how hard we actually work and to give an insight into what a football photographer has to do. We don’t watch the game, its not glamour and most of the time its just hard work.



My first World Cup was in France – 14,000 miles of driving and covering something like 31 games in 35 days.

The second was in Japan. My first digital world cup. Based in Tokyo with lots of friends we had plenty of time to sleep on the Shinkansen.

My hat trick was in Germany. 251 of the world’s best football photographers sitting around the pitch and another 74 in the tribune and we all missed the Zidane headbut.


So my fourth will be in South Africa. A place I have grown to love.

I first went to Cape Town in 1996 to photograph the England cricket team on tour and I was one of the first photographers to send live pictures back to picture desks using a mobile phone.

Subsequent visits have included covering the African Nations Cup, FIFA Confederations Cup and documenting the host cities and stadiums that will house the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

My last visit was in December 2009 – in the summer shooting the likes of Ajax Cape Town and Kaizer Cheifs as well as the 2010 FIFA World Cup Draw in Cape Town.

We all arrive in Johannesburg on June 6th 2010 and go home on July 16th 2010.

One response to “75 Days to go : Hello World!

  1. Michael Church

    Hard work?! Pressing a button and watching a football match?! You’re having a laugh… ;-D

    You should try writing about a 0-0 between the Philippines and Myanmar on a rainy night in Bangkok with no one watching in the stands…now that’s real, unglamorous work!

    Looking forward to seeing you in South Africa this June – been too long.

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